Saturday, February 26, 2011

Raise your hand if you love hot showers!

When trying to compile a list of things to blog about, time management was mentioned.  I get that...people really want to know how I do it.  Like I mentioned in my first post, sometimes I just don't.  I get busy and tired and it's a few days before I'm able to squeeze in a shower.  Not that I don't want one, I just forget.  I get wrapped up in everyone else's needs and demands and by the time I get a chance it's midnight and I might have ten minutes before a baby wakes up hungry.  Then I'm stuck with the problem, "Do I sleep? Or do I shower?" Any smart mother would sleep. I like to think I'm smart. ;)

So how do I shower? I have a husband who works long days and comes home barely awake enough to help me out with the kids, and the kids...well that speaks for itself.  Not to mention I was faced with this problem while pregnant and dealing with Conner as a tiny dude, and a deployed husband who was unable to help.  Let me say this: Where there is a will, there is a way, and for the record I love hot showers nearly as much as I love sleeping.  The answer is so plainly obvious that sometimes I overlook it, but not today. Today Conner got in the shower with me.  Yes, he's two. Yes, he's curious.  No, I don't care because I'll do anything to enjoy a hot shower. Luckily, he loves bath time so sitting in the floor of the tub while I pretended he wasn't there was easy.  I just plugged up the tub and let it catch water.  Most of the time I just stood there anyways.  The physical washing is quick and easy. The emotional washing of stress takes time.  Did I sacrifice some personal time in my shower sanctuary? Yes, I did. Was it worth it? Abso-flippin-lutely.

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