Sunday, May 8, 2011

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails...

Thursday afternoon I had one of the biggest scares of my mommy career.  My sweet little baby busted his head open. Okay, so Conner really isn't a baby because he's two and a half. Yes, at the end of this month he will truly be a full HALF.  How tragic that my baby boy is getting bigger.  I must say that it's quite amazing that it took him nearly two and a half years to make it to the emergency room.  Conner may have his father's looks but he has my grace and if you don't know me personally, well...I don't have any.  How did this happen? I'm not exactly sure as I only saw the aftermath but it seems that while playing at a restaurant play area he fell and hit his head on the edge of the slide.  Those years of EMT and paramedic courses and all the clinical time I did never prepared me for seeing my own little boy all bloodied.  :( Fortunately it looked much worse than it actually was and the bleeding was fairly easy to stop.  Looking back, after the initial shock the only thought in my head was to hold pressure and stop the bleeding.  Considering that was the only thing I could do, I suppose that was an excellent thought to have :) The less interesting details are we took him to the ER where they used skin glue to piece him back together. And since he was such a trooper he got a new toy train because his mommy is a sucker.

Have you had any scares with your little ones? Were you calm or panicky?