Friday, August 19, 2011

Exhausted is an understatement

It's not even seven o'clock in the morning and I'm writing a blog post.  A short one, but still... a blog post?  :sigh:  It can only mean that all THREE of my children are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  The rough nights of having twins seems to only get more rough some nights, like last night.  My sweet Saoirse is getting all her molars in and is in so much pain at night that it breaks my heart.  Night time are the only issues we have.  Her amber teething necklace seems to do the trick all day but at night it's a different story.  I don't know how long I cuddled and nursed her last night before I could lay her in her own bed.  Once I finally could it was liberating lol.  I had room to stretch and sleep.  Then I woke up to screaming.  Conner's screaming to be exact.  I can only imagine he had  a nightmare from the scared screaming that was escaping his mouth, so into our bed he went, cuddled with Mommy to calm down.  Casey left for work probably around 4am and all was quiet.  But then along came 4:30am and Sheenagh screaming.  I rolled her in bed with me to nurse, and nurse she did for a little bit.  But then came the squirming and the the kicking.  Oh goodness, the kicking.  Somehow Sheenagh always manages to plant a good kick right in my c-section scar. Every. Time.  I was so tired I desperately tried to convince myself that if I put her back in the crib she would cry it out a little and fall back asleep.  So I tried it and the screaming still didn't stop.  So I just decided to cuddle and love her as best I could.  I finally deduced that she must be gassy and I tried to rub her belly to help her pass it.  Or to help her poop if that's what she needed.  I didn't care what she needed at that point, I'd do it. I just needed her to sleep so that I could sleep.  After she woke up Saoirse with her screaming (which ended up with Saoirse next to/on me nursing and Sheenagh trying to roll all over us) I was awake.  Lovely.  But then I got an idea and I have no idea where it came from.  THE TUMMY TUB.  Yes, I needed to put her in the tummy tub.  At the very least, it wasn't going to hurt anything.  So Saoirse was unlatched and much to her dismay, put back in the crib and I carted Sheenagh off to the bathroom, quite unwillingly, to throw her in a bucket of warm water.

I'm not lying when I said she was in it for ten seconds (max) before she stopped screaming.  She let me massage her belly a little and within 20 seconds out escaped a decent sized belch.  HALLELUJAH!  So I backed off and let the tummy tub work it's magic.  Of course at this point Conner decided it was too quiet to sleep (after sleeping through all the screaming) and came in the bathroom to keep Sheenagh and I company.  I can only assume Sheenagh must have felt much better because she and Conner proceeded to splash me with water and giggle.

As soon as I can type a more put together and coherent post, I will tell you all the wonderful things about the tummy tub and why you need one, too.  I promise, you'll thank me.


  1. I most definitely thank you... Stella loves hers and so do I!

  2. girl i have no idea how you do it. i applaud you.

  3. btw this is jessica stephens lol. I thought wait a min she wont know who i am