Friday, February 11, 2011

Exciting weekend for me :)

This really isn't of much importance to the general public, but my friends and loved ones will surely smile and shake their heads at my excitement. First off, I'm able to even write this blog because of my new iMac. I am in looooove with it. Yes, looooove. It needed five o's.  I'm a bit bummed that it is upstairs and out of the way but also thankful. It means that when I get to spend time here writing these lovely blogs, I will have some sort of peace and quiet.  And goodness! To have a keypad with no keys missing! I can't even explain how wonderful it feels beneath my fingers. The new iMac though means that our fabulous tax return has hit our bank account.  Along with the iMac I got a nice visit from the package fairy (more commonly known as the UPS Man).  He brought me a few things that I am very excited to try out and pass along information to you all about.  Some Bum Bum Balm, and a new Ju Ju Be diaper bag.  Getting a new diaper bag when you're a mommy is like buying a new purse when you are someone who doesn't need to carry a diaper bag.  I'm am just in awe over it.  The best part I think was that it came with the stroller straps that I had heavily debated ordering and decided to hold off on. I've barely touched it though.  I know inevitably I will fill it and use it and lose the magic that brand new things hold. My first Ju Ju Be bag (the Packabe) is still going strong.  Nearly a year later (and six months of that heavy use) and it shows no signs of tear.  I keep thinking one of these days I'm going to give it the wipe-down it deserves but it's still somewhere on the to-do list with all the other things there aren't enough hours in the day to get accomplished.  I also got some great information about a product that I'll be receiving to review for all you wonderful ladies too.  The woman is wanting to offer discounts to military families and since she is a friend of my Evil Wicked Step Monster (who really is usually not all that evil) I get to test some and tell you how great it is.  How awesome is that?  I'm keeping what it is a surprise though.  I think the idea is rather fabulous and wish I had thought of it myself.

In other news I think it feels much later than it actually is.  It's only around 10pm my time and I feel like I'm up entirely past my bedtime.  I guess that explains why I'm still up with a baby, even though it's the kidlet that normally is asleep right now.  I guess Saoirse decided she wanted to be the night owl for awhile. I really can not express how truly thrilled I am to finally have a place to share all the amazing things in life with the people I care about most, and with people who just care to hear about them. If you guys have any feedback of what you'd like to see let me know.  I'm not exactly sure what my first big post is going to be about since I have a few things going on before I can really sit down and do some good research and think it all out, but definitely let me know if there's something you're just dying to read about.


  1. WHOO NEW DIAPER BAG!!! My hubby let me order the BePrepared for valentines day, I got it yesterday and I <3 it! Which did you get?

  2. I got the BePrepared too! <3 it. :D It's just what I needed for three kids in cloth diapers. Woo!